2008 Dodge Viper SRT10

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Viper hostility and Corvette again were hot by being launched by him 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 the hot season that will come in the USA, to precede Chevrolet Corvette SS Blue Devil that was estimated in 2008.
The striking change was the air hole was bigger plus six louvers just that was drafted improved ventilation.The refrigeration extra this was needed to calm the machine V10 aluminum that capacity him rose from 8.3 liter so 8.4 liter.The head of the new cylinder with valves was bigger as well as technology variable valve timing in the system exhaust jack up power so 600hp, 90hp bigger than the model beforehand.Torsion raised 25 lb-ft so 560lb-ft.The acceleration 0 - 60mph was supervised 4 seconds (the producer's claim) and 0 -100-0 mph in extension 12 seconds. Apart from the machine, Viper got the clutch twin-disc was smaller that reduced inertia and Termed 6-speed gearbox just with gears stronger to handling torsion was bigger.
Viper 2008 was marketed the hot season this year with the price was it was estimated more expensive than that now, $86,995, but continued to be supervised by "Blue Devil" that it was estimated above $100,000. Super car GM this promising 650hp from his machine.(R7d)