Audi A3 styling

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Probably the guys from RDX Racedesign thought that Audi could have a shot in a future “Fast and Furious” so they decided to come up with this styling kit for the Audi A3. If you ask us, it looks like crap. That kind of tuning looks good on a Honda Civic or something, not on the Audi A3. We think that German cars just aren’t made for that kind of tuning. I mean, c’mon, lambo doors, that green paint? I mean, they might look cool and will probably turn some heads when rolling on the streets, but Audis aren’t made for that.
Ok, so what exactly do you get when you decide to pay the 615.56 Euros for the RDX Racedesign kit? You get a front bumper spoiler (if customers wish, RDX can also fit Audi S6 daytime headlights), side skirt set with sporty air scoops on each side and a new RDX Racedesign rear apron. The rear part is supplied without openings for the exhaust unit. They can be cut out to size as required. The parts can also be ordered separately and you can see the pricings in the press release, which you can read after the jump. You can also see more photos.