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BMW tightest at the same time legal in the street not from the sport kind coupe that had the form aerodynamic, only a sedan.His difference this sedan was BMW M5 plus the modification franticly.This record-breaker was G-Power Hurricane M5 that achieved the speed of the peak 225mph (360km/jam) during the testing of the high speed in the oval Papenburg circuit, Germany.
The oval Papenburg circuit had long the tracks 12.3km with the slope 49,7 in the street.The significant design did not have the style that pushed the side of the car through to the speed 250mph (402km/jam).According to official information, this car achieved the speed to teeth of seven.His manufacturer claimed, this sedan could penetrate 250mph but the condition for the bad weather, drizzle and was snow-covered, blocked the further testing of the day.
To get the extraordinary speed, they developed supercharged their version twins both to the machine of V10 BMW M5.Results of the power that was produced the machine could reach 730hp (537kW).The record was beforehand held by Tension M6 the work of AC Schnitzer that was great speed him 206mph/332km/hour.