Chery A3

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The newest model of Chery A3 Sedan-plan him just was marketed by the year end this-was seen in the Beijing street.This model was really naked without camouflage anything.Like the daily car that was used by the normal driver then.
Not much information about the version of this sedan.The machine that was used it was estimated 1.3 liter, was seen small for the measurement of this sedan.This model was praised as the finest Chery cars that had been produced.

Chery introduced A3 the first time to the car of China/Beijing Motor Show 2006.At that time that was introduced was Chery A3 Hatchback with the long dimension 4400mm, this model was designed by Pininfarina, Italia.The version of the production hatchback five doors to the possibility of using the machine 1.3 liter, 1.6 liter and 2.0 liter.Fiturs him; 4 airbag, ABS, ESP, DVD player, navigation of the satellite and electric windows.
Chery A3 this considered as the representation of the automotive China industrial ambition that was serious and prepared to spend the cost to develop the vehicle with style had a quality in order to gets respect from all over the world.