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Ferrari released the photograph all-new Ferrari 599GBT in Detroit that was claimed as the machine V12 most powerful that once in for the company.

Developed to replace 550 and 575 Maranello, 599 will appear first in Geneva Motor Show, this coming February 28.It seems Ferrari in fact wanted to put forward the new model in Detroit Auto Show but failed resolved right on time.
Nevertheless, Ferrari succeeded in disrupting attention to Lamborghini Miura Concept that at this time was the centre of attention and apparently will get the green light to be produced.Lamborghini was the hereditary rival Ferrari.
599 used the machine 6.0 liter V12 that was dropped directly off from Enzo super car that produced 620hp in 7,600rpm and power-to-weight ration was 385hp per ton.With the construction of light aluminum, this car was estimated could accelerated in 4,2 seconds.