Honda Accord

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Honda introduced Accord the sedan and the European version carriage that almost were the same as Accord Tourer Concept when being exhibited in Frankfurt Motor Show 2007. This Accord just was seen more wide and lower with the interior was more spacious with the cockpit more futuristic.Accord just used the platform was more awkward (that was linked with the liveliness of the car) as well as the new suspension in front and behind.

This Accord just was seen more wide and lower with the interior more Honda promised the stronger machine at the same time frugal.His choice of two petrol engines and one very clean new diesel engine.
Accord was the first model that used the diesel engine i-DTEC the second generation that produced 148bhp and 350NM. did not forget Honda adopted technology multi-stage fuel injection, the re-circulation system of gas discarded better for emissions was friendlier, and particulate the filter khususu to reduce emissions.
The petrol engine 2,0 liter produced 154bhp and 2,4 liter I-VTEC produced 197bhp.All the machines used the transmission of the manual 6-speed with option 5-speed automatic.
The price was not yet announced.This model will be introduced to the public in Geneva Motor Show 2008, was marketed the middle of this year.The version of the carriage/estate following several months afterwards.