Hyundai i30 Estate

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Hyundai very serious worked on the European market.All-new i30 5-door hatchback still not in launched, Hyundai has tempted the market with photographs of i30 Estate that will be introduced after hatchback.These photographs were released less than a week after the development of Hyundai production facilities was in Czech begun.The family of Hyundai i30 will be produced here.In Europe, i30 entered the segment of C. Agar could compete, Hyundai must offer various choices of the model to satisfy the requirement for the consumer in this segment that was very heterogeneous, as being revealed by UK Managing Director, Tony Whitehorse.
Like the version hatchback five doors, style i30 was wrought on by European Design Centre belonging to Hyundai in Russelsheim, Frankfurt to confirm agreed with being as sad as the European consumer.The element of the appropriate design was highlighted was projection headlamps, USB port for the connection portable music player, built-in roof rack for maximal cargo and sign light in the spy's house.
Compared with the version hatchback, Estate longer 230mm, higher 50mm and wheelbase longer 90mm that significantly increased the passenger carrying capacity and his practicability.When being launched, Estate used the machine 1.6 liter four petrol cylinders and the diesel.