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2008 KTM X-Bow that the first time was introduced in Geneva Auto Show early of this year, was busy in the test in Nurburgring.The performance was very promising the enjoyment traveled, his voice stimulating and agile in the bend.Unique was compared by the other car on the street.X-Bow used the machine turbocharged made by Audi.This machine produced 240hp.Whereas heavy all kendaraan721kg and the acceleration 0 - 100kg in 3,9 seconds.The circulating rumor, KTM -the producer of the Austrian motorcycle- also prepared the version was stronger have an engine Audi S3, 300hp.

The price that was offered began $65,000 and 1000 units have been sold.The production will be begun several months came and the sending was begun the season semi next year.The production capacity during 2008 was 1000 units.KTM will produce 5000 units in several years in the future.100 first units will be made special by Dallara with the special number that indicated as the limited version.The rest of them would in the raft in Austria.

Sport car light this was legal in Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal and Swiss. Model this will not enter the USA.