Lexus LF-A Roadster

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Super car this really stirred emotions of his lover.Every time the automotive exhibition of the world class was spread out, his appearance increasingly sexy.Finally, not half-hearted, appeared topless.
This the umpteenth episode from super car Lexus LF-A that appeared first in Detroit Motor Show 2005 and continued to be evolving to 2008 Detroit Motor Show.Currently they produce LF-A Roadster Concept.And related about super car this was heated with several photographs spy that jumped wild in the world.
According to Lexus, LF-A Roadster used the structure body from carbon fiber and light but strong aluminum, like that was worn in LF-A Coupe, the brothers. Like in the version coupe, Roadster this used the machine V10 have a capacity 5.0 liter that produced more than 500hp. The testing in the circuit, the speed of his peak more than 320km/hour. This machine put on in front compartment Passengers, but behind garden front. The engineer LF-A mentioned him the configuration 'front-mid'.The pattern that was similar as this was also worn by Mercedes-Benz SLR.

However was compared by the version coupe him, there were sides that the difference.Including the form of main light, in the front, the modification side skirt and the air hole also the change in the form of the luggage.Likewise with the quality interior him that was increasingly soft and beautiful.The machine was connected with torque the tube and the stick of the propellers to transaxle (transmission + axle) that was controlled through paddle shifters was overturned the wheel of the rudder.Possibly that because of him, did not appear the transmission lever in the photograph of the cockpit roadster this.Torque the useful tube reduced the vibration at the same time increasing the stiffness of the system of the car motivator.

Design philosophy Lexus L-Finesse produced sport car measuring brief, the front bowed and aerodynamic.The height only 1219mm, like in coupe, but the version roadster this was equipped with speed adaptive rear the wings.In The stern had a pair grille big, the hot air way out of two radiators that put on behind.The radiator got cold air from the measuring air hole big on the arch of the wheel house behind.The appointment of this radiator not only was on duty at the car front continued to bow but also helped achieved the difficult distribution of the optimal car.
The car along 4 460mm and wheelbase 2606mm used the tyre performance high and wheel from blend metal.The front tyre measuring 265/35R20 and behind 305/30R20.Like the version coupe, used disc brakes 14,2 inch ventilated for the front wheel that and 6 calipers of six pistons.Whereas the wheel behind was guarded the disc 13,6 inch ventilated with calipers of four pistons.