Mercedes-Benz 2008

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Mercedes-Benz made use of the exhibition of the Detroit car to campaign for Bluetec technology through the Vision GL concept car 420 Bluetec concepts. According to Mercedes-Benz this became Bluetec intensity proof, in fact in the big car, high-performance SUV that always in identified wasteful the fuel, could offer consumption of the economical fuel and emissions were very low.With the machine V8 that was very powerful and produced 290 mobile phones and torsion 515 lb-ft, his consumption the fuel was estimated around 24mpg (around 9, 8 liter/100km). Visually, SUV this was distinguished through grille bigger, wheel the measurement 21 inch, over fender and the measuring tank of the diesel fuel big that was enough to follow the distance 1000km.GL-Class was SUV seven passengers who had fame.