Mercedes-McLaren SLR 722 GT

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Mercedes-McLaren released the newest SLR variant 722 of GT that was special were used in the race circuit and illegal in the highway. However that did not stop 21 people to pay approximately 1 million Euro in order to has one of the race cars most hot in the world.

Compared with SLR the version of the production, SLR 722 GT experienced changed large-scale especially beside the suspension, braking, aerodynamics, the interior and the system exhaust.Totally more than 400 components were replaced or in the re-design. Overturned the roof of his machine was kept the AMG machine 5.5 liter V8 supercharged with boost pressure through to 1.75bar. The other modification covered high-flow the filter and exhaust system. The production of the power currently reached 671hp (500kW) and torsion 830Nm.
The component body that just covered the front apron, wings wider, side skirt, rear diffuser bigger and rear spoiler that all of them were drafted to increase proforma aerodynamics in the race circuit.