Motor Scooter Information

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Motor scooters and mini-motorcycles have become hot items among children and teenagers.

Parents, grandparents and other family members are spending their hard earned money to purchase scooters and mini-motorcycles – just to find out that most cannot be operated on Ohio’s roads and their children - or grandchildren cannot legally operate the vehicle.

In Ohio, the motor scooters and mini-motorcycles cannot be legally operated on Ohio’s roadways unless - they are titled, registered, covered by the proper insurance and the operator is at least 16 years old with a motorcycle license or endorsement on his or her driver license.

Most of the small electric and gas powered motor scooters, which are sold in sporting good stores and department stores, are not roadworthy, therefore cannot be titled or registered.

In order for the scooter or the mini-motorcycle to be considered roadworthy each must contain a seat, not more than three wheels in contact with the ground, contain the proper brake lights, turn signals, horn, rearview mirrors and headlights.

The county title office will then issue a title for your motor scooter or mini-motorcycle. The title will cost $5.

After you purchase your title, you will need to register your vehicle. The annual registration costs $24.50, plus a permissive tax if required and any new plate fees.

The motor scooter or mini-motorcycle will be issued a motorcycle plate, which will need to be attached to the vehicle.

Please make sure you have the proper insurance coverage on your motor scooter or mini-motorcycle, before registering your vehicle. The owner and the operator of the motor scooter or mini-motorcycle are subject to financial responsibility suspensions if the proper insurance is not maintained.

And finally, in order for the individual to legally operate the motor scooter or mini-motorcycle – he or she must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid driver license with a motorcycle endorsement or a motorcycle license. It is very important to know Ohio’s road laws and signs before an individual attempts to operate a vehicle of any kind on Ohio’s roadways. Licensed drivers have been tested on their knowledge and skills.

Please, know the law before you purchase a motor scooter or a mini-motorcycle. Know where they may be operated and who can operate them. If you have questions you may contact the BMV at 614-752-7800 and you also need to check with your local jurisdiction before you make the purchase.

It’s about your safety, your children’s safety and other drivers’ safety.