Peugeot 407

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PSA Peugeot Citroen hoped many to Peugeot 407 that began to be marketed by the end of April to boost up his sale until could exceed the record 2002.
In Germany, the biggest Peugeot market in Europe, the order 407 newest in three months has exceeded the sale target for the entire year.Peugeot Germany has target sold 10.000 units 407 in one year.
Peugeot aim at sold 150.000 units 407 in this year and 300.000 units in 2005.For the length of 2003, Peugeot sold 1,9 million units all over the temporary Citroen world approaching 1,4 million units, said Reuters.
To receive the space was firmer in the Eastern European market that was prospective; Peugeot began to produce 206 and 307 in Iran with his partner, Iran Kohdro.