4,703 Mazdas to be smashed

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In the last two years, Cougar Ace, the freighter 4.703 new Mazda vehicle units lay downed in Alaskan Sea. Management Mazda finally broke all of them the car would in scrap the alias could be in no way rescued. Originally Mazda tried rescued totaling possibly the car, but rust that was resulted in sea water made cars be not possible to be sold.

Now, after the insurance paper work has been finished, all the cars, which were stockpiled in the Portland port, will be drained, stripped of tires and fed to a vehicle-gobbling machine. With the capacity of smashing 200 vehicles per hour, the machine is expected to return about 2,900 of steel and what will be left of the Mazda's will be processed into fence posts, wire rods and reinforcing bars.

Of course, taking into consideration the vast proportions of the process, even though it doesn’t own the cars anymore, Mazda will supervise the whole operation, to make sure no car ‘escapes’ the process.

Almost half of the cars were Mazda 3 and a quarter him was Mazda CX7. The car was originally unloaded in the Vancouver port, Tacoma and Hueneme.