BMW 118d: World Green Car of the Year

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The exhibition of the car 2008 New York the Show car would in recalled BMW AG. the Article of BMW 118d was chosen as World Green Car of the Year alias the car was most environment-friendly a world. This car was chosen because of succeeding in reducing emissions CO2 and consumption of his fuel significantly. BMW 118d surpassed Smart Fortwon cdi and Volkswagen Passat 1,9 TDI. the three cars used the diesel engine.

The international jury that consisted of 47 automotive reporters from 24 countries chose 118d because of consumption of his fuel reached 52mpg (22.11km/liter) and only produced 119g/km CO2. This the figure that was very impressive for an unified car.
BMW 118d both that three and five doors used Efficient Dynamics BMW technology, including brake engine regeneration, the car start-stopped and electric power steering that helped reduced emissions and increased consumption of the fuel.