DOMR Jazz VTEC had a prize all-new Honda Jazz

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Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) again spread out the race one make race (OMR) Honda Jazz VTEC Speed Challenge during the third season with the gift was more interesting, on Wednesday (12/3). Yukihiro Aoshima, President Director PT HPM explained, this championship to prove the strength and the performance of the VTEC machine at the same time is supportive the activity of the race in Indonesia.
The race in this season was also more interesting with the main gift took the form of All New Honda Jazz the Honda dedication and Achilles for the Umum Champion, and the gift cash the total of Rp. 506 million races will personally be divided into 3 categories, that is the Umum Championship that might join by anyone; Seeded B and Non Seeded. As for the technical regulation the championship referred in the Regulation Indonesian Grand Touringcar Championship and one make tire.
In the same opportunity, PT HPM also announced the team's Honda Fastron Racing composition that will come back competed in the site Indonesian Grand Touringcar Championship (IGTC) 2008. Same like the previous season, Alvin Bahar dam Renaldi Hutasoit will be appearing as the team's Honda Fastron Racing racing driver, while the Honda Jazz VTEC car continued to become the mainstay both of them in the class were most prestigious in this Sentul circuit. Jonfis Fandy, Marketing & Aftersales Service Director PT HPM stated the team's Honda Fastron Racing optimist could repeat his success to the champion like that was gained in the last season.