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Technology fuel cell with the fuel hydrogen was regarded as the car motivator was most environment-friendly because of his emissions of only water by being the answer for the requirement for the transport of the future. Toyota and GM including the top player in the technological command fuel cell. However both of them currently begin to question this technological future.

The cause is, technology fuel cell had many application hindrances in the scale masif as well as the emergence of battery technology litiun the more powerful ion. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said the electricity car that was kept in battery was the choice was most appropriate at this time at least in the short term was compared fuel cell. "When lithium the ion could follow the distance 480km, then you must ask yourself sendir, why I needed fuel cell," stated Lutz, on Monday (10/3).
Lutz added the price of the vehicle fuel cell very expensive was compared by the selling price.
Estimated to make the car fuel cell needed $1 million. Now the electricity car Chevrolet Volt that will be marketed GM penghujung this decade will be sold with the price in the range $30,000. President Toyota, Katsuaki Watanabe also had the similar Lutz view.
Watanabe agreed the price of the vehicle used hydrogen as fuel still was very high, also at least the infrastructure support. Because of that Watanabe felt that is difficult to bring about hope of the car fuel cell spread in time extension 10 years. Despite GM and Toyota somewhat pessimistic with the vehicle future used hydrogen as fuel, GM at this time carried out the test 100 SUV Equinox units fuel cell and Toyota just settled the test 560km with FCHV used hydrogen as fuel.
While Daimler AG, the mother of the company of Mercedes-Benz, was convinced the technological future fuel cell will be very bright. Mercedes scheduled the production of vehicles fuel cell began 2010, and when the request increased, Mercedes will prepare the hydrogen vehicle with the price dikisaran the conventional car.