Hyundai immediately declared the Coupe

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Hyundai will officially introduce the Coupe Genesis in gelaran New York Auto Show next week, but 14 photographs of this model suddenly spread through the network maya. This the photograph to so many from coupe this, from the concept to the version preproduction. This model will it was estimated be marketed the season semi next year.The official Hyundai statement recently said, there were two choices of the Genesis coupe that is base the model, have an engine four cylinders turbo, and the upper variant, the machine V6 3.8 litre, not V8 like that was worn by the Genesis of the sedan like often was discussed beforehand.
Hyundai was still closing information about the figure peforma the machine. However Hyundai talked about the Coupe Genesis as the model 300+hp most was covered in his class. Because of Hyundai placed coupe this as the most important rival Ford Mustang, then was estimated by the maximal power his machine dikisaran 310 -320hp. Centre stack was equipped by LCD screen, whereas gauge cluster with the design two pod that futuristik the Order of the Genesis seat coupe was 2+2 (two mature seats and children's two seats) with two doors. Space foot the backseat was considered to be relieved.