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With the launching of the luxurious sedan the Genesis, Hyundai placed himself in the line start to launch channel just was special the luxurious car like that was carried out by Toyota with Lexus or Honda with Acura. Despite still several years ago, but Hyundai the optimist. "When Toyota could do that, mengapai we not," said Hyundai R&D boss Lee Hyun-Soon. The first step that must be carried out was constructive the public's belief as the company that produced kendaran the upper class. So the Hyundai aim produced the Genesis. The genesis was the sedan berpenggerak the wheel behind with the machine V8.
Although could have the plan to launch the Genesis as brand special, but finally Hyundai decided to use the Genesis to increase brand the Hyundai image and improved the profit dealer-dealer him. According to Frank Shin and Hyundai the American division, Genesis was used to increase the image of the company. "Further the consumer will more be certain of Veracruz, Sonata and other," he said. The short-term aim was to increase the Hyundai reputation in order to be equal to Honda and Toyota. After that just put forward brand luxurious for the consumer.