Supped Up Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione 590Hp on Sale for $600k!

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If there’s one car out there that we’d do anything to acquire, Alfa Romeo’s 8c Competizione would easily top our list. Unfortunately, only 500 examples where built and, to our knowledge, they have all been spoken for. However, one of those 500 buyers decided to give this prized Italian beauty away on the Italian auction site, “AutoScout24”.
And to make things more interesting, the seller quotes that the specific example has received a power boost (he doesn’t give any details though), with the Ferrari derived V8 delivering a whopping 590 Hp, 140 Hp more than the stock version. Still, that doesn’t seem to justify the €380,000 or $600,000 USD (about double the retail price) that the seller is asking for.