Three months order Lexus 115 units

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Lexus Indonesia just six months operated but results that were achieved really impressive. In three first months this year, they have received the order 115 luxurious car units were varied the kind.
"We ounce the right track." The good sale, the image was also good, said Johnny Darmawan, Lexus Indonesia Principal during the SUV launching newest Lexus LX570 in Jakarta, on Tuesday (25/3). "We also continued to hold the promise will equip all line up Lexus in Indonesia of length that agreed with the condition here," he added. A part of that was to study the plan to launch the luxurious sedan hybrid Lexus LS600h. Has "had three serious interested persons against this sedan," he said.
However had several limitations like the demand of the fuel with the certain specification that was difficult to be received in Indonesia. In three first months, Lexus has accepted 115 order. Most was Lexus LX570 that his price of Rp 1,85 billion. This model has been ordered 40 unit.Model most expensive, the luxurious sedan of Lexus LS460 that his price of Rp 2 million was ordered by 22 units.
The sedan GS300 totaling 14 units (Rp 950 million) and the sedan Is that his price was cheapest around the Lexus model other that is Rp 790 million, was ordered by 32 units. The only rare model his interested person was SUV RX350 that is 6 units and his price of Rp 910 million.Model this was pressed by Toyota Harrier the version of the importer of the public that his outside appearance like pinah was divided two with the price seperdua him or more than Rp 500 million.