Toyota Detroit

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Not the big news that Toyota scheduled the newest Toyota Prius generation debut in the Exhibition of the Detroit Car 2009. Precisely that was startling was the news that Prius not personally. He will be accompanied the model hybrid newest Lexus that his basis from Lexus. Both of them used the platform and drivetrain (the system that moved the car) similar. The difference is, the Lexus version was positioned as the carriage for the lifestyle sporty.

The news that was published by the automotive magazine of this Trend Motor damaged spread in the world maya. But lacked information that could pan for gold. All was still being very vague and could be changing every time. It was not yet known also whether the Lexus variant will eventually be launched as the model that was ready to be marketed or in the order production-preview concept.
Other information said, the new model will really resemble Toyota Hybrid X Concept that was exhibited in the Exhibition of the Geneva Car 2007. Information that accompanied this concept car said that Prius will in the restructuring become three new models that for the time being in gave the Prisu A name, B and C. Model just this will be launched was endless in 2009, 2010 and 2011. That along with the Prius launching plan the new generation and the possibility of the Lexus variant following a year later. The third variant was still being dark.
If this news was valid and Toyota launched the Lexus variant from Prius, the Toyota domination in the segment of the luxurious car with technology hybrid increasingly rocketed. The new model equipped the model hybrid other like LS 600h and RX400h. And that was unique from Lexus was based on Prius this the person will project an image of his owner as caring about the true environment, in the luxury bandage and the high taste.