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Toyota Motor Corp. officially released his two models for the European market in 2008 Geneva Motor Show, on Wednesday (5/3). SUV unified the Person Who Has Moved To The City Cruiser and mini car iQ became the new Toyota weapon hit the European market. It was urban that Cruiser in positioned was supervised by Toyota RAV and carried the ingredients that was same like when RAV4 was launched 1994. The proven ingredients the success was the unified dimension, packaging smart, practical and 4WD. Tentus with the touch was more modern, more comfortable and more environment-friendly.
Toyota iQ was the extraordinary design breakthrough. The core from the design was J-Factor that membenturkan the contradictory entity to produce the harmony. For example, 'small but spacious' like iQ. Namun the design was not enough. To produce him, Toyota did the breakthrough from the side engineering.At least was six most bored engineering that was related mutually sehinga iQ was realised