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Volkswagen launched the Touareg variant highest, R50 with the machine 5.0 liter V10 TDI. This engine just produced the maximal power 313ps/3500rpm and torsion 850Nm. Torsion as big as this could be used dragged the thing that was heavier than Boeing Jumbo 747. Because of Tuareg the standard with torsion 750Nm could drag the giant's aircraft.

Of course torsion as big as that not to make SUV luxurious this the boring packhorse. Possibly VW too much exaggerated when being said by SUV this could make hatchback stopped with performance Tuareg R50 in the street. In his release was named, the acceleration from quiet to 62mph (99.2km/jam) only 6,7 seconds, and great speed 234km/jam (compared by the Cherokee jeep 4.7 liter, needed 7,5 seconds). Moreover, consumption of the fuel and emissions CO2 him was the same as the version of the standard of V10 TDI (224.4mpg and 333g/km).
R50 also adopted 4XMOTION the system motor four wheels, the transmission 6-speed matik and CDC (Continuous Damping Control) with the modification of sport so as lower 20mm from the version of the standard.