Audi TT: New 1.4 TFSI 140 Hp Coming to Leipzig

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Downsizing is the name, and VW Group is the one who’s playing the game. Following yesterday’s announcement on the TT 1.8TFSI, Audi revealed that it will introduce an even smaller engine for its sport model, the 1.4-liter TFSI unit that combines a supercharger and a turbocharger generating 140 Hp.
The 1.4 TFSI unit is already available in wide number of VW Group models including the Audi A3, VW Golf and SEAT Leon. The reason that Audi decided to fit the TT with this unit is partially due to the stricter European emission and fuel consumption rules, but most importantly to attract a wider audience as a lot European countries calculate vehicle taxes based on engine size so the new smaller engine will reduce owners registration fees without sacrificing much of the cars performance. The TT 1.4TFSI will make its world debut at the Leipzig Auto Show in Germany this month alongside the TT 1.8TFSI. Euro-wide sales will follow shortly after.