Proton recall Savvy

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The owner Proton Savvy must check the rim of the tyre behind him, when had the trickle of oil, immediately to the official Proton workshop closest.
There was the possibility grease/fat trickled, that his tips could damage bearing.
In Malaysia, Proton me-recalled 34.000 Savvy units for the inspection bearing the wheel behind because of having the potential for water entered and caused the component damage.
According to Proton, recalled this the anticipatory action for the interests and the safety of the consumer.
"We asked sorry to all the Savvy owners because of the discomfort of ini,"kata Dato Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir", "as being quoted thestar, last Tuesday (1/4)."
The inspection and when needing the replacement was carried out in the official workshop free of charge.
The Savvy population in Indonesia at this time around the 600 's the unit.
The proton of Edar Indonesia (PEI) did not do the similar matter because of the inspection bearing already including in the routine inspection each 1000km, 1500km and 10,000km first.
"So already in checked previously," said Arief Gunawan, head of sales and marketing PEI, on Wednesday (9/4).
The problem that happened according to Arief was to melt him grease in bearing behind.
His characteristics adal the trickle of the liquid like oil in the rim of the wheel belaakng.
"And until this we did not yet find that", he said.
In the inspection, was carried out by the replacement grease and the inspection bearing.
When having damage bearing, was replaced free.