Scion Presents 400Hp Rear-Wheel-Drive tC Coupe for Formula Drift

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The good news is that Scion has developed a rear-wheel drive version of its compact coupe, the tC. The bad news for all us RWD-lovers is that the RS*R tC was created to compete in Formula Drift events and not to go on sale for the public to enjoy. The conversion, that was performed by aftermarket specialist, RS*R, was able to be done thanks to the fact that the tC shares its platform with Toyota's Japanese market Avensis four-wheel drive and Caldina all-wheel drive.
RS*R changed the tC's stock transverse engine configuration to a longitudinal setup in order to drive power, through the transmission and drive shaft, directly to the rear wheels. While the stock tC is equipped wit a 161 Hp 2.4-liter engine, the RS*R features a 3SGE Beams motor, HKS GT3037 turbo and intercooler, Blitz Dual SBC boost controller, and AEM EMS engine management system that outputs more than 400 HP.