2012 Mercedes-Benz CLA: “Baby” CLS Based on the A-Class

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In it latest issue, German car magazine Autozeitung supports that one of the four distinct models that will replace the current A and B-Class in Mercedes-Benz’ compact car line-up (read more here) will be a four-door coupe named CLA. As you can see in the scanned picture above, Autozeitung’s artists came up with a CGI (computer generated image) to give us an idea of how a “baby” CLS model could look like.
While it is certain that Mercedes-Benz will abandon the costly sandwich structure of the A and B-Class in all four derivatives of its new compact car line-up, it remains unclear whether the German luxury carmaker will continue to use a front-wheel-drive set up or if it will opt for a rear-wheel-drive platform.