Tempted Through Ironman Tundra

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Pickup had the special place on Americans's marrow. This the vehicle kind that was used by anyone. From the poor farmer to selebritis famous. Used as the packhorse as far as the self-image media. For years pickup was the main choice in USA. Harga of the fuel that rocketed, made his sale drop. People marketing must turn the brain sold pickup.
Toyota faced the problem that be the same as pickup Tundra, although being not as serious as his colleague in North America. To tempt the market, Toyota launched the limited edition that is Ironman Tundra. The Ironman name was taken from the nickname of Ivan Stewart, the racing driver lihgtruck Toyota that was very extraordinary. He disputed in ten race championships and for the length of his career, he won 80 title the champion. This Ironman tundra was created to honour his achievement and recall his spirit.
Ironman Signature Series Toyota Tundra was made by Hello Special Editon Vehicles from California. Ivan Stewart also was involved in the process of his design. This variant was marketed through dealer Toyota. There were several choices in accordance with the interest of the buyer. From that only an ubahan to the side of aesthetics, to that was very powerful. The version was strongest got the injection of the power from TRD Supercharger. Currently the power of Ironman Tundra reached 504hp and torsion 550 lb-ft.
The Special Edition Vehicles halo did not yet announce the price. They only aimed at the sale 500 Tundra units to the end of the year and will be available from this coming August 1. The further project was Ironman Signature Series for FJ Cruiser and Tacoma.