VW increasingly serious in USA

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Volkswagen in admired many people because of having the variant of the machine that was very extraordinary with the capacity that ought to be pointed out the thumb. From the cute machine less than 10 litre with consumption of the frugal fuel to the giant's machine W16 that was worn by Bugatti Veyron. VW controlled petrol engine technology was as great as his capacity in the diesel engine. This unlike GM for example that the champion in the petrol engine, but just somewhat had the diesel engine. Also Toyota that the champion in the petrol engine and hybrid, but must take Isuzu by the hand to mennguasai diesel technology. One that did not have VW was compared GM or Toyota. VW did not have the tradition produced the machine in the USA, the biggest market automotive the world.
The situation currently changes. VW just declared operational the Chattanooga factory, Tennessee to produce the diesel engine and hybrid This factory will produce environment-friendly machines but permanently guarded performance continue to in limits that could be accepted. Moreover built the factory in the USA could press the cost of the production.
Still was too early to guess machines what will be produced in USA. the Postponement of the launching of VW Jetta TDI SportWagen and Polo could in North America become the indication that the factory will produce the small but efficient machine of four cylinders and V6.