General Motors consolidated the position in South-East Asia

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General Motors had the buoy that helped him ketka his sale in the USA –pasar especially- dropped. The buoy was the sale in Asia-Pacific. Dikawasan this General Motors experienced the growth of the very strong sale. In China, they became the automotive producer foreign first that could sell more than 1 million units. That last year, and this year, Nick Reily, President GM Asia Pasifik the optimist could touch 1,2 million units. This USA giant also had growth posture that was healthy in India and the South-East Asian region. Next month, GM will declare his new factory in Mumbai, India.
Last week, General Motors announced his investment plan with a value of $445juta to build the new diesel engine factory and upgraded assembly facilities in Thailand. That was revealed by Rick Wagoner the number one person GM. The new factory in Rayong, start operational 2010, with the production capacity more than 100.000 machine units pertahun. These facilities employed 340 workers. Approximately 90% from all over the production of his machine, were absorbed the assembly plant GM that also in Rayong. This assembly plant will produce the newest model pickup Chevrolet Silverado.
According to Wagoner, this investment part of the global strategy GM, including pushing the growth in developing countries. The main market of General Motors, the USA continued to shrink. Much important torque that stressed General Motors in the USA really was pressed. Quarterly first this year, the position of the number 1 during 78tahun moved the place to Toyota Motor Corp. Sementara Itu, the net loss quarterly the two reached $15.5 billion till July, his sale dropped 27% dibandingkanp the same period last year.
However Wagoner did not worry the sale of this year was supervised by Toyota. “Tahun this did not yet end. We not again very anxious was the number of one. But we wanted that to be pushed by the quality of the car and the extraordinary truck, most sophisticated and participating technology all the market dunia,” he said in Rayong. General Motors at this time was developing subcompact car the replacement Chevrolet Aveo. The model that continued to be completed in GMDAT, South Korea this, took basisi Chevrolet Beat, the concept car that was exhibited the first time in Detroit Motor Show 2007. Planned next year or 2010, this model has been marketed.