Honda Jazz:the right car at the right time

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Honda had cenayang? Or with their service? Why they always right on time? Produced the exact car when that was exact. Early decade in the 70 's when the price of crude oil rose from $3/barrel to $5/barrel and shook the world, Honda was present with Civic. The cute vehicle, efficient and the only one that could fill the emissions regulation at that time.
At this time when the price of crude oil above $100/barrel, Honda was present with a series of frugal model the petrol. Honda that had many choices of efficient cars scooped up the extraordinary sale when other makes must stop the production of his factories gara-gara stock stock. The newest generation 2009 Honda Jazz was one of them. Although his plan was just introduced in the USA this coming October 1, but this cute car has been spread in dealer-dealer Honda.
“Pada his foundation we increased supplies totalling that we could to comply with the request, and we continued to finish the year model 2008,” the spokesperson's words Honda, Chris Martin to Automotive News. “Kami must do something so that dealer-dealer we not until ran out of measuring cars small that was looked for by the buyer at this time.
The price of the petrol in the USA that now $4/gallon or rose 200% for the last 4 years precisely brought up the Honda sale was Fit/Jazz until rising 73% compared with last year. This year the Fit sale/Jazz there achieved 52.053 units. The Honda sale during July totalling 12.226 units almost was the same as the sale of all the Acura model in the same month (12.828 units) Honda America marketed Fit/Jazz began $14,550.