What next after this the Genesis?

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Hyundai Genesis, the first luxurious Hyundai sedan with system the wheel motivator behind already the success removed attention publilk the world. Genesia brought Hyundai to the luxurious Lexus group of the same class of the elite of cars. That currently is waited for, how penjuala him. John Krafcik, Hyundai USA Vice President who was responsible towards the development of the production said his side the ray optimist sold 50.000 Genesis units pertahun. His composition 20.000 sedans and 30.000 coupe.
However the Genesis only part of the Hyundai effort did the image make over. This automotive South Korean producer made preparations to launch the car hybrid him in 2010. This Prius challenger was supplied by the newest generation Li-ion newest. The car hybrid Hyundai that was first in the USA eventually will be the Sonata. However Hyundai did not plan to sell the sedan with plug-in option that now in a crowd is developed by many makes. Plug-in was the car hybrid that his electricity energy could in charge through system the electricity installation at home.
Hyundai was the name that often was acknowledged as their future threat by Toyota senior figures. They saw Hyundai very fast carried out the change and produced increasingly good cars.