Bentley Continental Supersports

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Two years ago, Bentley league entry in cars with the most extravagant high CO2 emissions. Supermewah car manufacturer decided to deliver this car is more environmentally friendly. Result, the Bentley Continental Supersports on display at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, next sunday.

Behind the engine hood engines are the most brave Bentley ever made, namely W12 621hp and 590lb-ft. Bentley and not lose something special, torsi giant can be rool low 1750rpm. The effect, quiet acceleration from 60mph to be achieved in 3.7detik. Ini territory supercar. This supercar territory. Very few cars in the world who have the ability under 4 seconds.

Coupe is 55 kg lighter from his brother in a sedan. This coupe also uses a number of lightweight material to chop weight, such as carbon fiber. The merit is another application where the switching gear Quickshift more quickly doubled.