The record of the most Fast Sports Car in the World

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The Cristiano Ronaldo sprint whipped the rate of a car super that had the maximal speed 407 km/the hour. Know his secret? Evidently Ronaldo put on Nike Mercurial Vapor IV shoes, said the news was written by Detikcom. Ck.. ck.. Along with this the Bugatti Veyron photograph was taken from Wikipedia.
Ngomongin the car super (super fast super expensive, red), the car that was overcome by Ronaldo was Bugatti Veyron that was produced by Volkswagen AG/Bugatti Automobiles SAS. Bugatti Veyron costing 14.7 billion rupiah this recorded the great record speed 408.47 km/the hour or 253.8 mph in October 2005.
Evidently had the other car that broke the Bugatti Veyron record, that is SSC Ultimate Aero TT, please saw his details here. The car super that recorded the record this September 13 2007, had the speed 411.76 km/the hour or 256.15 mph. Unbelievable.. kenceng really. The car super moreover yes following that will emerge. Nah if by this car I did not know whether Ronaldo could whip his speed.