Toyota small car segment borer India

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Toyota Kirloskar Motor, India to set up small car that will be introduced late in 2010. This car was designed specifically for the Indian market, as expressed by the Managing Director Hiroshi Nakagawa.

"Small car is entirely new, designed specifically for the Indian market. Employment in the second factory in Bangalore as scheduled and take some of the additional production capacity will be used to produce a small car, "said Nakagawa. While attending the 18th International Engineering and Technology Fair (IETF).

Toyota Kirloskar currently has installed capacity of 60000-65000 units and the second factory will add 70,000 units. Mini car that can shape future Hatchback or sedan.

Throughout the year 2008, Toyota Kirloskar Motor sells 52,000 units successfully Innova and Corolla and optimistic this year could reach that level again. Small car in India is very popular. Who successfully master this segment, he will be the Indian market, one of the automotive market is growing at this time.