Audi TT roadster will appear in Leipzig

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When the press conference for the Geneva Auto Show 2009, Audi photos show the Audi TT RS coupe and Roaster in the release distributed to journalists. But the fact only coupe version of the Audi TT is the most violent show in the exhibition. There is no explanation why the version is not shown topless.
Apparently Audi set up another venue to launch the roadster version of the AMI in Leipzig next month. As the coupe version, this version will use the machine 2.5 liter turbocharged five-cylinder segaris. This machine can produce 340hp which is sent to the four wheels to provide maximum power cengkram. Accelerated version of the roadster to 60mph in still 4.7 seconds.
Roadster version is also using the system and braking Suspense the same as coupe, which has increased significantly compared to the standard version.
Audi TT RS will be the coupe and roadster in Europe this year followed by the USA a few months later.