Buick-Jaguar Lexus opponent

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Buick and Lexus Jaguar move to third position in 2009 JD Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study. Meanwhile, Toyota and Mercury in position four and five. This study calculates the number of problems were reported in the first three years of ownership.

This is a surprise because the Lexus customer a fixed annual survey was conducted. Moreover, friction is a Buick, a GM-made brand notabene currently facing pressure Luarbiasa.

"Lexus is still very strong competitors, and for the first time he is not in the top," kada David Sargent, analyst JD Power.

Toyota still dominates with a 14 to place the model as the most able dihandalkan in segmennya each, including the Prius. And the Lexus LS 430 sedan is the least reported experiencing problems in the survey this time. The survey is very influential because it determines the resale value of vehicles and consumer loyalty.

Buick is the most important GM brands in China. Years ago he was in position six and now to the top position. Susan Doherty, Vice President for GM Buick, Pontiac and GMC says the results show that the results of the ongoing transformation of the Buick. Other GM brands that appear on this survey, is ranked Cadillac 9. Jaguar at this time owned by Tata Motors India, Ford have in the past. Last year the position is still no 10.