Demand Insight triple early estimates

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Honda Motors Corp. will produce more Honda Insight begin April following a high demand for hybrid cars this. Demand in Japan three times more than originally estimated. Honda Insight launched in Japan on 6 February.

In two months ahead, Honda Insight will be launched in Europe and the USA. Position as the Honda Insight hybrid car that is affordable. Annual target is 200,000 units for the market where half of North America and 60,000 units to Japan. "Responnya Luarbiasa," said Hiroshi Kobayashi, deputy Coo for domestic operations while Honda test drive in Japan last week. But he refused to name the addition of the production, let alone have a limited supply of possible hybrid car components.

Consumers in Japan have to wait at least one month before the Insight pesanannya arrived at home. Honda Insight positioned as a global car to five after the Civic, Accord, Fit and CR-V. Total fifth car was donated 2 / 3 of total car sales.

Kobayashi admitted Insight half of buyers are those who switch from other brands, including premium brands and other hybrid cars. Insight offered in Japan with prices ranging from 1.89 million Yen. "The Insight is unique from the car owner's interest small car (660cc), sedan to minivan," said Kobayashi.