Honda Freed introduce in Jakarta

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Honda Prospect Motor is introducing limited to the newest media model, Honda Freed in Jakarta on Wednesday (11 / 3). Honda Freed will be launched to the public June.
Minivan 7-seaters uses the same platform with the Honda Jazz, but the wheel basenya longer. Indonesia is the second country after Japan to get this model. Indonesian also the production base only in Southeast Asia.
Minivan offer this combination of elegant style, roomy interior, the engine is very efficient. Although the same jazz-based, but it does not look nearly persamaannya. Three seats in the row consists of four captain seat and benches in the third row can be folded to the side. Machine used, the same as Jazz and the Honda City 1.5 liter four cylinder that produces 120hp.
Freed Honda first launched in Japan in May 2008 and immediately menorehkan achievement sebgai Best value car in 2008. Sales are also impressive. Only six months have been in a minivan in Japan, namely terlaris sold 60,000 units.
So far, Honda Prospect Motor has not announced the price and the variants that will be marketed in Indonesia. That, only the transmission matik.