Honda Insight, hybrid bargains in the USA

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Honda has officially announced the newest hybrid pricing model, Honda Insight in the USA. The price starts with $ 19,800 and makes it the most affordable hybrid car in the USA at this time. With this announcement, Honda proves his promise when Honda introduced the Insight in the Detroit Auto Show ago.

Efficiency of Insight (41mpg) clearly under the latest Toyota Prius (50), but prices are more expensive Prius.

At the above price is $ 21,300, customers get an additional vehicle stability assist, alloy wheels, cruise control, paddle shifter on the wheel for the CVT transmission, Upgrades audio system. Version of a more luxurious $ 23,100, received additional navigation system.

However, Honda has failed to meet targets under the $ 19,000 as the declare in the 2008 Paris Motor Show. The causes, weakening dollar against the Yen, the price rise of raw materials.