Lagonda evidence English-German cooperation

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Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz has long been reported exploring the possibility of cooperation. And after so long berselimut fog, is now also evidence terkuak their partnership, which is on display Lagonda Concept Aston Martin in the 2009 Geneva Auto Show.

Lagonda SUV platform using Concept Mercedes-Benz GL. Lagonda is the entrance to the Aston Martin SUV and crossover. Aston Martin brand is only used for the sports car.

Aston Martin design director Marek Reichman said Lagonda concept car using the platform Mercedes-Benz GL and can be produced in 24 - 30 months to get ahead when the green light. Aston Martin Lagonda will not memprodusi factory in GL, but memproduksinya the exclusive manufacturer in the UK where the price can reach $ 200,000 range.

Main features include a tailgate is opened up, the configuration all-wheel-drive and V12 engine. Also opens opportunities to use technology flexfuel, low emission diesel and hybrid systems.