New Chevrolet Spark

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One of the least model of Chevrolet in the family is expected to provide greater impact in the world. Introduced at the Geneva Auto Show this year, although the certainty of existence has been disclosed in the 2009 Detroit Motor Show. Spark new akan also marketed in Australia, but GM AutoWorld Indonesia has not been prepared to announce at the time.

Unique birth. Usually only car manufacturer to set up a model to be developed that concept in production. At Spark, GM to set up three concept models on display since 2007. In each exhibition, the GM ask visitors choose which of three models that you want produced. Model the most is selected, a new embryo of Spark (concept model that was chosen most often named Chevrolet Beat Concept. 1.9 million voters from the internet to request a car that is produced).

For behind the preceding, Spark is a new line-areas of the firm and sharp sekujur in the body. Grille is stratified, with the main light diamond cut design. Underneath there are fog lights and water intake of the strong impression this car is ready for melesat. Wheel house that looks strong to be strong for the home berdiameter 15 inch wheels.