Next-gen BMW 6 Series more sporty

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The latest generation of the BMW 6 Series coupe and Cabrioelet present most rapid end in 2010, while prototipenya already seen several times in the test in Germany. Not much is known due to camouflage.
Is known, the upcoming model will be longer and more slender than that now. Estimated style influenced many of the BMW CS concept car that was released in 2007. Wheelbase little longer, but the front and rear overhang is shorter.
BMW 6 Series with a proven successful sales average 20,000 units year. BMW does not want to take risks with the sales, so choose the more conservative style. Canvas roof (softtop) seems to be maintained, but there are some who say that merely camouflage to hide the hard roof underneath. Because the 2010 BMW Z4 is the folding metal roof, the Series 6 the opportunity is big enough to use the same roof. Dikabarkan Also, there are two variants of the GT Sport is a luxurious and sporty.
Series 6 will use the new gearbox 8-AT-with the shifter paddles. While engines may not be much different with the current, including the twin turbo V10 engine with dual-clutch transmission.