Nissan prepare hybrid luxury

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Nissan Motor Co. launches hybrid luxury car market in the USA and Japan in 2010 as Nikkei reported, famous Japanese business daily, Sunday (22 / 3). Nissan can not be contacted, and they usually will not confirm anything related to the specific future plans. However, Nissan has launched a prototype hybrid models them.

Nissan's behind Honda and Toyota in hybrid development, but they openly showed ambisinya to pursue the second rivalnya.

When this hybrid technology that is used Nissan Altima using Toyota technology. Nissan will soon develop battery technology that is different from the hybrid now. According to Nissan battery that stores more energy and recharge more quickly process them.

Nissan hybrid technology will be installed in the Infiniti M, known in Japan as a fugue. Indeed, hybrid model will also be provided to luxury cars and sport-made Nissan.

At this time, Toyota hybrid lead the market. In the luxury car segment, Toyota also launched a rule with many hybrid Lexus models. But Toyota is now facing a threat. Terlarisnya hybrid model, Toyota Prius get meaningful competitor, Honda Insight. Even Toyota Prius price revised plan and more than that, create a 'brother' to keep out the Insight.