Toyota hybrid prepare cheap

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Toyota Motor Corp. dikabarkan will develop a new hybrid car that's cheaper Toyota Prius. Hybrid car new compact size that will be sold at prices below 2 million Yen ($ 20,510), to rival Honda Insight hybrid car is suddenly popular. This is the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei, last week.

Last month, Honda Motor Corp.. Honda Insight launched in Japan with the price of 1.89 million yen, and sales reached 18,000 units in watktu short. While the Honda is targeting 4000 units monthly. Honda Insight was launched first in the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, in January 2009. In the USA are much cheaper price of Toyota Prius.

According to the Nikkei, the new Toyota hybrid car that will be launched early 2011 with prices 20-30 percent cheaper from the Prius. Currently, Prius prices start at 2:33 million Japanese Yen. From dimensinya, smaller in size with the smaller engine of the Prius.