Volvo launch Limo S80

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Volvo launched a long wheel base S80L specifically for Chinese market and Volvo has not been this far to consider this market outside China. Countries that receive special treatment because of the high demand for the type of sedan Limo.

S80L same standard as S80, but get all the extra 14cm to add dimanfaat area of the back seat. There are five variants provided.

Machines used 3.0 liter six-cylinder turbo segaris with a pair of 285hp gearbox matik and AWD system booster. The combination of semuamenghasilkan acceleration 0 - 100km/jam in 7.2 seconds.

Volvo is quite stable in China. He first launched a model made in China, namely S40, in the year 2006. Currently, they sell the S40 and S80.

Audi recently inimeluncurkan long wheelbase version of Audi A4, which is named A4L. Like Volvo, This product is exclusively for the Chinese market.