BMW 2009

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BMW Corp. re-released newest cars, BMW1 2009 series coupe. BMW is the latest improvement made to the series-1. Cars is the latest research results long German car producers of this product before.
Research also involves the series of different. Site review BMW1 2009 is a product package from BMW sparingly. The goal is to expand the market share of Europe and Asia. Which should be a record, with a slightly cheaper price, not technology, which means that appear minimal. BMW still display the effect of high class, full of luxury. Cars also features the latest technology. iDrive and smart engine also terplikasi in this mount. Upright grille, stubby front overhang, tall roof, and glassy greenhouse on the left-right wall still represents the typical BMW. Although door, company's automotive partners BMW, Brenda Priddy and Company, was taking pictures of this BMW1 2009. Exterior design looks very elegant and sporty. The withdrawal other BMW sedan, the front (muzzle) standard is designed. But on the back is made quite short. Headlamp decorated the front of the pentagon shows the effect of the eye with a view tajam.Spatboard widish created and displayed with a number of holes. In addition to imposing trendy / modis, this section serves to remove the air from the outside and then dihembuskan to dalam.Grille made parallel with the spur headlamp.Untuk affairs kitchen, not terendus. And, BMW is still very merahasiakannya. If seen from the appearance, and some official explanation BMW, holds the possibility BMW1 2009 engine 3.0 liter inline six, of 215 to 255 HP.