BMW releases X5M and X6M

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BMW will release the official Sports Activity Vehicle 2010 BMW x5 BMW x5 M and M in the 2009 New York International Motor Show. Both use the same engine that is 4.4liter twin turbo V8 that produces 555hp maximum power torsi and 500lb-ft peak. Power of that flowed to the M 6-speed Sports Automatic transmission. Transmission system is equipped with paddle shifters. X5 version of M and X6 is BMW's first M model using the system of all-wheel drive. Both can still sprint to 60mph of 4.5 seconds in.

As predicted, there are a number of different on the exterior and interior than the regular version that power smaller. Snout, front of the air and light main nearly the same in both models. Fender is the front with 20 inch alloy wheel and quad tailpipes.

This monster engine also will be used later by the coupe and sedan M5 and M6. Although the figure is saved in a smaller, but the power is still produced 555hp.

Using the same engine for some of the previous model used by AMG. They use the same 6.2 engine V8 naturally aspirated model output for many Mercedes AMG.