Candidates Kia luxury sedan

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Kia luxury sedan is being prepared VG. Photo leak version of the concept prior to the virtual world launched in Seoul Motor Show next month. Given name KND-5, this concept gives the car such as the direction of what later Amanti sedan will debut this the end of this year.

Sedan will play in the near-luxury class, to create elegant exterior design is equipped with LED lights, 20 inch wheels berdiameter Panoramic glass and are large. Approaching 5m length, 1.8 meters wide and almost 1.5 meters high. This concept car is built on a platform berpengerak new front wheel with the wheelbase 2.8meter.

The most interesting of this concept car is the engine that are stored behind kapnya. According to the official press release Kia, sedan uses 3.5 liter V6 engine diesel lambda.

Designed under the supervision of Peter Schreyer, KND-5 concept is the embryo of a Kia luxury sedan will be named VG. Platformnya later also used the latest generation of Hyundai azer scheduled and released September this year.